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The Shack was written by William Paul Young and was published in 2007 by Windblown Media.

An unthinkable tragedy befalls Mackenzie and his family; Missy, his daughter has gone missing. Three years later, while his wife Nan and his two other children are visiting family, Mack gets a mysterious invitation to go to the place where the last clues to his daughter’s disappearance were recovered; a rundown shack by the side of a small lake deep in the forests of Oregon. Conflicted, angry, and hurt, Mack decides to go.

What happens at the shack is an exploration of what it means to have a relationship with God and an exploration about love and forgiveness. Via the interactions with Papa, Sarayu and of course, Jesus, Mack learns to forgive the man who killed his daughter and he learns to forgive God. At the end, the other person who heals as result of the strange happenings at the shack is Mack’s daughter, Kate.

This book was written by a Christian for Christians; OK, some Christians. Fundamentalists will more than likely disagree with everything the author says in this story but the message appealed to me. The book sat at the number one spot in the New York Times bestseller list, so I guess the message appealed to many others.

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