Coldheart Canyon, written by Clive Barker, was published in 2001 by HarpersCollins Publishers. The book is 686 pages long.

Todd Pickett is big movie star who after over a decade of being at top, is beginning to feel that Hollywood is leaving him behind. A movie producer suggests plastic surgery and things go downhill for Todd after that. Todd eventually ends up hiding in Coldheart Canyon in the Hollywood Hills at the mansion owned by an actress from the 20’s by the name of Katya Lupescu (aka Katya Lupi). In this house there is a room covered with an intricate tile mural brought from Romania which has a powerful effect on all who enter it. Ghosts and other creatures wrack havoc in Todd’s life. To his rescue comes an unlikely hero in the form of the president of the Todd Pickett Appreciation Society, who aided by Todd’s ex-manager and other characters rescues Todd from a life of eternal suffering.

This book is supposed to be a horror book but I found it more like macabre fantasy. It was not scary at all. Be aware that the book contains graphic descriptions of perverted sexual acts. The story is ok but a horror book it isn’t. All in all, the story managed to entertain me however, although I don’t know that I will be picking another book by Mr. Barker anytime soon.