Next was written by Michael Crichton and was published by Harper Collins Publishers in 2006. The book is 431 pages long including the notes section. At the end, there is a short section with the author’s final thoughts on the subject.

Next is about genetic research. Mr. Crichton explores many possible outcomes of genetic manipulation gone wrong. In the story, we have three transgenic characters; a talking, polyglot, foul-mouth orangutan, a talking, loyal and lovable chimp, and a wise-ass talking African grey parrot. Around them revolves a storm of human greed.

This book is really scary. It is full of what-ifs. What if you donate sperm and 25 years later you are sued for giving your offspring bad genes? What if a company patents your genes and then, by legal gymnastics, they own your body? What if your ex-spouse takes your children away based on the results of genetic testing that suggests you may become an alcoholic or develop a debilitating disease? There are many other situations in the book like these.

I am glad I read this novel. I need to read more books by Michael Crichton.