The Isaiah Effect was written by Gregg Braden in 2000. It was published by the Three Rivers Press and it is 276 pages long. including the index and the notes section.

The Isaiah Effect is about how the future is only a possibility that can be changed by the actions we take today. The book takes its name from one of the scrolls found in the desert of Palestine as part of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The author explores how prayer is the instrument to change the future. On the way, we are taken to places like Tibet, where Mr. Braden consults with an abbot at a Tibetan monastery and modern Egypt where the author experiences a miracle regarding time as well as the American South West, where we meet a man who ‘prays rain’. In the latter parts of the book, Mr Braden goes more in depth into what he calls ‘the science of prayer’.

I must admit that I used to be a sucker for New Age literature. I have grown out of it somehow. Calling things like prayer science is one of the many reasons why I stopped reading New Age books. Other things about this book that turn me off a bit are the references to Edgar Cayce, Mayan prophesies and such. It’s not that I hate Mr. Casey or that I have a thing against Mayan spirituality; it is that these things are referenced in a very superficial way and that the are often lumped together as if they are the same thing. Still, this book touches on the subject of prayer, which still interests me. I like that the author talks about prayer in a more universal way than say, just Christian prayer.

I read this book because I had bought it a long time ago and never got beyond the first chapter. This time I finished it and now I can move on.