I just finished House Rules by Jodi Picoult. I like books like these, where I get to learn about a subject besides being told a story

Jacob Hunt, an 18 year old boy diagnosed with Asperger’s is fascinated with Criminal Scientific Investigation – CSI. Emma, his mother, has sacrificed her life to tend to him, at the expense of her marriage and her younger son, Theo, who by appearances, is a normal teenager. After the death of Jacob’s tutor, Jess, Jacob is charged with murder. To their aid comes a new lawyer, Oliver who, in spite of being 13 years younger than Emma, immediately falls in love with her.

This is no romance novel. Not even close. This book is an awesome crime novel that will have you thinking about whether or not you are  neurotypical (a.k.a ‘normal’) or if you, like our protagonist, fall somewhere in the spectrum.

I like Jodi’s writing style. Although I like clever writing and word-smithing as much as the next guy, I like it when the writer is more interested in telling me a story than impressing me with language gymnastics.

Like I said, to me this book was a great crime novel. Was it a crime of passion? Was it a crime of brotherly-love? Or was it something totally different? You will have to read the book to find out!

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