This novel by Brunonia Barry was frustrating for me at first. I thought that the author was taking too long to begin the story. Little did I know that the story had already began! From the very beginning in fact. I was just too dense to see it.

Towner (real name Sophya) comes from a family of interesting women, who read the future on Ipswich lace, which they make. Into this family marries a monster; Cal. The story is narrated by Towner. The end is so cool that I will not describe it here so as to not spoil it for anyone else. The story is set on Salem, MA, around the late 1990’s. The characters are all very interesting. May, Towner’s mother, Eva, her grandmother, Emma, her aunt, Ann, the town’s uber witch. There is also Jack, Rafferty, the local cop, and Beezer, Towner’s brother.

I’m not going to spell out the story. If I forget it, I will enjoy the book again. Heck, I will enjoy any other book Brunonia writes.