I just finished The Tiger Warrior by David Gibbins. I bought this book five years ago and I just now read it. I tried reading it in the past but I could never get past the first chapter, where the Roman soldiers capture a guy carrying the jewel of immortality. The story is about how Jack, an archaeologist, follows clues around the world in an effort to find this jewel. Jack is given some of the clues to this adventure by his great-great-grandfather, via notes scribbled on old books. His great-great-grandfather was an officer in the British army and was named Howard. Jack has a partner by the name of Costas and like Jack, his British ancestor had a partner named Wauchope. The drama in this adventure is provided by an ancient Chinese secret sect sworn to protect the jewel and the tomb of the first emperor of China. To do so, they will kill anyone attempting to find the jewel.
This book explores real and imagined ancient connections between cultures. The Romans in the Middle East, the Chinese in Afghanistan, the Romans again, this time in Southern India, the Romans yet again in Egypt, the Romans (they got around) in China. The book also presents the plight of the jungle people in India. I have to admit that when I thought of jungle people I always thought of the Amazon jungle, maybe African jungle; never did I think that India had jungle people.
I hate to spoil the ending but the jewel is never found, at least not in this book.

I am very happy I finally read the book because this book seems to have been tailor-written (if tailors could write) for me. It has everything I have been fascinated by all my life: lost treasure, improbable historical connections, and secret societies. David Gibbins has other books in the same vein: Atlantis, Crusader Gold, The Lost Tomb, and The Mask of Troy. I am certain I will read those as well.

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